November 2010, Bangladesh – Use of urea deep placement, a technique that has increased yields while reducing fertilizer costs, is making its way from Asia to Africa.

Usharani Goswami, a widow who lost more than half her family’s land when her husband died, was trained in 2008 under a UDP expansion project implemented by the Bangladesh Department of Agricultural Extension, with assistance from international fertiliser organisation, IFDC. In her first season, she harvested an extra 600 kg of rice from her half hectare plot despite using 70 kg less urea. In the next season, she repeated the success, inspiring many others in her village to adopt the approach. ‘This magic technology has changed my life,’ she says. ‘I now have the means to live much better tomorrow…’

“…Making such Bangladeshi expertise available to African entrepreneurs is part of IFDC’s plan to bring UDP to African farmers. Four study tours to Bangladesh have already taken place, and Kenya’s Athi River Mining Company recently ordered two briquette-making machines, following a visit to Bangladesh by Kenyan government officials...”

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