The CATALIST/SEW project participated in Rwanda’s National Tree Week. It is estimated that 44 million trees have been prepared in Rwanda this year. Of those trees, SEW is responsible for nine percent of the contribution at the national level – nearly four million trees. SEW prepared 923,900 seedlings of agroforestry trees and 2,967,100 seedlings of woodlot trees in 2010. Seventy percent of the shrubs will be used as forest trees whereas 30 percent of them are for agroforestry. During its three-year implementation period, SEW will establish 4,000 hectares (ha) of woodlots and 2,000 ha of agroforestry sites. Duhamic-ADRI and Multi Sector Investment Group Ltd. (MIG), two local organizations contracted to reach SEW’s goal in Rwanda, are actively involved in preparing these activities.

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