Bangladesh – Selina, a female entrepreneur in Bangladesh, produces and sells “Guti” urea briquettes. Urea deep placement – a simple yet innovative technology – involves the placement of urea supergranules or briquettes into the soil shortly after the paddy is transplanted. UDP increases nitrogen use efficiency because most of the nutrient stays in the soil, close to the plant roots where it is absorbed more effectively. The benefits of the technology are significant – a 20 percent increase in crop yields and a 40 percent decrease in nitrogen losses.

Click here to view a USAID Bangladesh video of Selina producing Guti urea.

Selina was assisted by the Accelerating Agriculture Productivity Improvement (AAPI) project, funded by USAID and implemented by IFDC. AAPI is expected to increase yields and farmers’ incomes due to improved resource use efficiency.

Click here to view a video of AAPI-supported farmers meeting with USAID officials.