Month: September 2013

Annual Food Growth


To sufficiently feed the world by 2050, 60 percent more food will need to be grown annually. The major burden of this task is placed on the shoulders of smallholder farmers, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa. IFDC’s expertise in technologies designed to increase smallholder farmer yields is contributing to this need. Widespread adoption of the Competitive Agricultural Systems and Enterprises (CASE) solution, integrated soil fertility management (ISFM) and fertilizer deep placement (FDP) will ease the burden on farmers, helping them to produce and sell more food.

Fertilizer Deep Placement


Modern agricultural technologies such as fertilizer deep placement (FDP) are helping farmers increase yields on the same amount of land. This is an incredibly important factor in agricultural development around the world considering that less farmland will be available due to population increases and the rapid expansion of urban centers. FDP is an innovative, proven fertilizer application technology that can achieve 20 percent yield increases while reducing fertilizer use by about one-third and nitrogen losses by 40 percent. In Bangladesh, more than 4.65 million farmers have adopted FDP on 1.5 million total hectares over three rice cropping seasons per year. IFDC is expanding its FDP technology to Sub-Saharan Africa, and is focusing on widespread adoption in 13 countries. For more information, see our FDP page.

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