Expanded 2SCALE Team Trains and Bonds in Nairobi, Kenya

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Team members from the eight different 2SCALE countries have kicked-off activities of the second phase of the program with a meeting in Nairobi, Kenya.

Nearly 50 team members from the eight countries where the program is implemented gathered to learn and participate in team-building exercises. Several new colleagues joined the team, among whom are those from new 2SCALE’s partner SNV, and from the two new program countries, Burkina Faso and Niger.

The meeting provided a great opportunity for the team to meet and share past experiences and lessons learned, in such a way that the entire team is ready to start a new portfolio of 2SCALE partnerships in the months to come. New program director Henk Van Duijn opened the training, explaining that 2SCALE is a flagship program for the Dutch government’s food security policy. He also referred to the fact that 2SCALE aims to contribute to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2, 8, and 17 and to the overall goals of the Dutch government in creating 180,000 jobs, supporting 2,500 SMEs, improving food security for 20 million people, increasing the incomes and productivity of 5.5 million farmers, and bringing 5 million hectares under eco-efficient production.

Throughout the training, the team worked on standardizing approaches for partnership building around local food-producing SMEs and farmer organizations, which 2SCALE calls business champions. The aim for the coming period is to build 60 of these partnerships for inclusive agribusiness in the eight countries in which the program is active. To make this happen, staff were trained on how to structure the process of partnership development, how to build impact pathways, and how to effectively facilitate partnership design workshops.

Stay tuned in the months to come for more updates and details of new partnerships with the project at 2SCALE.org.