IFDC is being assisted in the search for its next President and CEO by global leadership advisory firm Spencer Stuart. Please see more information about the search below. Nominations and applications can be submitted to the Spencer Stuart team via email at IFDC@spencerstuart.com.  Kate Brown of Spencer Stuart will monitor the email box for applications.

Position Summary

The President and CEO of the International Fertilizer Development Center works with the Board of Trustees to develop, advance and enhance the organization’s strategic vision and ensure its long-term success. The President and CEO is responsible for the leadership and direction of the organization and its resources. Serving as the substantively credible face and voice for the organization and its agenda, the CEO and President will maintain and develop relationships with key stakeholders and will build upon a rich history of critical, mission-driven work. In addition, the President and CEO will ensure that IFDC maintains and grows its membership base and continues to invest in talent and internal development.

Key Relationships

Reports to: Board of Directors

Direct reports include:

  • Vice President, Research
  • Vice President, Business Development
  • Vice President, Corporate Services and COO/CF
  • Regional Director – North and West Africa
  • Regional Director – East and Southern Africa and Asia

Other key relationships:

  • Project Leaders
  • Research Staff
  • Government Agencies
  • All funding/donor partners

Desired Outcomes

  • The President and CEO is an individual with gravitas and credibility who is recognized by world leaders and academic experts as representing the most current thinking on soil health and food security.
  • They will:
    • Work with the Board of Directors to refine and direct the implementation of the strategic vision and plan.
    • Maintain current funding, while growing and diversifying IFDC’s funding sources (government, foundation and other sources, and financial position.)
    • Increase IFDC’s global presence and impact.
    • Align the membership to the mission and goals of IFDC.
    • Maintain, grow and diversify relationships within the fertilizer industry as well as governing bodies that impact the work of IFDC.
    • Create a sustainable business model that ensures IFDC’s overall financial health and supports all IFDC endeavors.
    • Sustain and grow partnerships to increase IFDC’s global reach and presence and further cement the organization at the forefront of environmental leadership and food security.
    • Invest in IFDC’s physical infrastructure across global locations, as well as in human capital and talent development initiatives.

Candidate Profile

The successful candidate will have proven leadership experience in a related sector and track record of success in a global organization with a culture of intellectual rigor, discipline, and accountability. They will be a skilled, credible and confident leader, influencer, collaborator, and coalition-builder who is passionate about the IFDC mission and can drive alignment and results in a complex, multi-stakeholder environment. This leader will have a strong scientific background, an entrepreneurial spirit, and the ability to speak knowledgeably on a wide breadth of pertinent issues relating to soil health, food security and agriculture. The CEO also must have the ability to manage all aspects of the organization, including but not limited to strategy, funding, HR and talent development. This individual is a rare blend of diplomat and scientist.

Ideal Experience

Substantial Executive Leadership Experience
A respected and substantively credible executive, the ideal candidate will have managerial, financial and people leadership experience that demonstrates strategic, operational, and cultural impact in a multicultural, global organization.

Proven ability to navigate complex government relationships, securing government grants and diversifying revenue to support the program agenda. Convinces others to invest in IFDC and its mission.

Expertise in Relevant Areas
Significant experience in a field related to the scientific areas in which IFDC operates.

Spokesperson Experience
An inspiring leader who effectively represents IFDC before global bodies, key stakeholders and in public engagements. Effectively tells the organization’s story to a broad range of influencers.

Pertinent Academic Credentials
Graduate degree in applicable field such as environmental sciences, climate studies, soil health or other relevant sciences is required; Ph.D. preferred. The individual’s background at minimum must show a strong understanding of and experience in the aforementioned areas.

Critical Leadership Capabilities

Acting Strategically

  • Effectively implements current strategy while continuing to think 3-5 years ahead
  • Identifies and prioritizes the most critical factors for future sustainability and mission alignment
  • Makes plans to address changes or trends in the external landscape, including diversification of funding
  • Develops plans that consider both local and global impact, keeping a pulse on current events and the ways in which they impact IFDC’s work.

Collaborating and Influencing

  • Identifies all necessary stakeholders, both within IFDC and externally, and connects with them to gain support or agreement
  • Intentional multicultural communicator with and understanding for and appreciation of IFDC’s international scope
  • Negotiates with a genuine give-and-take approach that takes all parties’ perspectives into account
  • Takes advantage of opportunities to build strategic relationships to achieve a specific outcome
  • An engaging leader who not only delegates effectively, but also inspires staff through genuine dedication to the mission and collaborative discussion

Leading People

  • Identifies and leverages individual strengths and potential within the team, across all levels and regions.
  • Ability to build diverse teams internally and bring external stakeholders to the table.
  • Building an inclusive work environment where staff are encouraged to drive critical initiatives, engage in honest discussion, and communicate clearly.
  • Effective and fair delegator, giving appropriate authority to team members as needed to focus on priority areas
  • Establishes strong relationships with the Board

Other Personal Characteristics

  • Excellent multicultural communicator and global perspective.
  • Resilience in the face of difficulties; handles setbacks without losing confidence or drive.
  • Genuine passion and commitment to the foundation’s core values and mission.
  • Integrity and ethical rigor.
  • A leader who inspires and motivates both those within IFDC and external stakeholders.
  • Conviction and credibility.
  • Consistency in delivering results and a continued determination to succeed.

Applications and Nominations

IFDC is being assisted in the search for its next President and CEO by global leadership advisory firm Spencer Stuart. Nominations and applications can be submitted to the Spencer Stuart team via email at IFDC@spencerstuart.com.  Kate Brown of Spencer Stuart will monitor the email box for applications.

Areas of Expertise: