IFDC’s work is organized by divisions representing specific regional areas around the world.


East and Southern Africa Division (ESAFD)

ESAFD works to increase agricultural productivity and farmer incomes. These goals are accomplished by improving farmers’ knowledge of best practices for soil fertility management and by improving their access to quality agro-inputs and to output markets. Through collaboration with national governments and regional economic communities, the division supports initiatives to create an enabling environment for agricultural intensification and private sector development. ESAFD is led by Steven Humphreys.


North and West Africa Division (NWAFD)

NWAFD maintains long-standing partnerships with regional and national organizations to enhance agricultural value chains. Projects address integrated soil fertility management, agro-input and output market development and input policies at regional and national levels. Capacity building of all members of the agricultural value chain and facilitation of enabling environments are key factors for activities. NWAFD is led by Rob Groot.


Asia Division (EAD)

EAD focuses on a broad spectrum of activities related to soil nutrient management, private sector-led agribusiness development and resource conservation. Primary emphases are the development of sustainable agricultural production systems for long-term food security and the introduction of improved technologies to increase crop yields and economic returns to farmers. EAD is led by Josh DeWald.


Office of Programs

The Office of Programs promotes food security, agricultural growth and environmental stewardship through sound and viable fertilizer and crop production technologies, policies and institutional collaboration. The office conducts research focused on fertilizer materials, soil fertility, nutrient management, socioeconomics and market information. Office of Programs is led by Acting Director Deborah Hellums.