Grace Chilande joined IFDC in September 2013 as a Fertilizer Market Information intern in Nairobi, Kenya. In this role, she identified and registered fertilizer stakeholders to the Africa Fertilizer Business Directory and prepared process maps for the fertilizer subsidy programs.

In April 2014, Grace accepted a full-time position with IFDC as Junior Fertilizer Market Specialist with the (AFO) project. She organized and facilitated training and statistics validation workshops on fertilizer production and trade, organized the development of fertilizer consumption reports, published the first edition of the fertilizer production facilities in sub-Saharan Africa, and participated in market feasibility studies for the installation of fertilizer blending plants. These endeavors were key in ensuring that private and public sector stakeholders could make informed decisions based on readily available statistics and not estimates. Through hard work and determination, Grace became the Regional Coordinator of the AFO project in May 2015.

In 2017, Grace closely assisted Toyota Tsusho Fertilizer Africa (TTFA) during the setup of a blending plant in western Kenya. She played a key role in managing the project, coordinating the various parties involved, and conducting field demonstrations and farmer trainings. Another significant achievement was Grace’s efforts to bridge the private-public partnership gap by working with the Ministry of Agriculture and TTFA. As many African countries are looking at balanced crop nutrition, the establishment of this plant has been a milestone in ensuring that farmers can improve their yields given the limited land resources.

Grace holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and finance from Kenyatta University.