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Since 2007, Dr. Sanabria has been in charge of designing and analyzing experiments and surveys in the areas of crop nutrition, soil fertility, studies to mitigate agriculture impact in the environment, and assessments of fertilizer quality worldwide.  He has conducted national fertilizer quality assessments in 12 countries located in Africa and Southeast Asia. Sanabria has published as author or coauthor more than forty peer reviewed articles in scientific journals. Prior to his time at IFDC, Sanabria worked as a statistician in research projects associated with agricultural production and environmental studies at the Colombian Institute of Agricultural Research (ICA) as Research Statistician from 1981-1995 and at Texas A&M University as Research Statistician in the Blackland Research Center at Temple, TX, USA, between 1995 and 2007. Sanabria received a degree as an Agronomist Engineer from the National University of Columbia, a Master of Science in Statistics from Oklahoma State University, where he also earned a Doctorate in Soil Science and Statistics.

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