Local Government Approach to the Agricultural Market in Benin – Phase 2


ACMA2 is improving rural livelihoods through improved production, processing and trade.


Improving Agricultural Performance in Benin

Working from the achievements of the project’s first phase (2013-2017), ACMA2 will contribute to improving the food and nutritional security of rural populations in Benin. The core objective is to increase the agricultural incomes of the economic actors at the local level through:

  1. increasing trade in agricultural products by organized producers and processors;
  2. improving the agricultural productivity of producers and processors; and
  3. reducing trade barriers for agricultural products within Benin and with neighboring countries, particularly Nigeria.

To ensure a coherent and holistic approach, the project’s implementation strategy is based on five integrated activity areas: access to inputs and agricultural innovations, market access and professionalization, agricultural finance access, ICT for agriculture, and public-private partnerships.

Donor: Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Benin

Duration: 2017-2021

Implementation Strategies

Access to Inputs and Agricultural Innovations

  • Support the better-organized supply of quality inputs for producers;
  • Facilitate access to information about technical and economic aspects of innovative agricultural practices;
  • Support ABC stakeholders to manage production and marketing costs.

Market Access and Professionalization

  • Support mobilization and management to supply competitive products;
  • Facilitate the diversification and formalization of commercial relations;
  • Facilitate transport logistics for marketing.

Access to Agricultural Finance

  • Facilitate establishment of input-marketing credits, deposit-guarantee credits and working capital loans;
  • Inform and train economic actors and their organizations about savings, credit management and the development of bankable business plans;
  • Facilitate, in collaboration with financial institutions, banks and GSM operators, the introduction of innovative financial products based on ICT for agriculture.

ICT for Agriculture

  • Strengthen market information systems with key data exchanges and connect buyers, sellers, and carriers;
  • Provide a distribution channel for training and information sharing on technical topics;
  • Facilitate access to finance;
  • Develop and implement an ICT component for youth.

Private Public Partnerships

  • Support the establishment and empowerment of consultative frameworks;
  • Facilitate advocacy to improve the local business climate;
  • Facilitate financing and public-private management of commercial infrastructure.

Anticipated Results:

  • 70 agribusiness clusters (ABCs) created and supported.
  • 60,000 economic actors participating in ABCs.
  • 20% increase in the revenues of the ABC actors supported.
  • 8 billion CFA are received for agricultural products.
  • 20,000 tons of agricultural products are marketed.
  • 30% increase in the volume of marketed agricultural products.

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