Benin is located in West Africa between Nigeria and Togo. The climate is tropical in the south and semiarid in the north.



Benin has joined with three other cotton-producing countries in the region – Burkina Faso, Chad and Mali (known as the Cotton-4 countries) – to lobby in the World Trade Organization for fewer subsidies to cotton producers in competing countries.

Growth in real output has averaged around 4 percent in the past four years, but rapid population growth has offset much of this increase.


Benin is economically underdeveloped and dependent on subsistence agriculture, cotton production and regional trade. It also faces environmental challenges such as inadequate supplies of potable water, deforestation and desertification.


Beans . Cashews . Cassava . Cotton . Maize . Palm Oil . Peanuts . Yams



IFDC is working to reduce poverty and hunger in Benin by increasing farmers’ incomes. Our key projects in the country include ACMA Benin, 2SCALE and USAID C4CP and USAID WAFP.


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