Capacity Building


IFDC trains partners in the field as an essential part of improving world market competition and promoting agricultural and agribusiness employment.



Field Training Programs

IFDC utilizes the “training of trainers” model to train thousands of agro-input dealers, trade association members, progressive farmers and others in a wide range of relevant technical, business, marketing and management subjects. This method allows IFDC to train master trainers who then train others in the field.

IFDC projects have also extended their training to others in the agricultural value chain – produce buyers, processors and consumers.



International Training Programs

Since 1974, IFDC has held over 700 formal workshops, study tours and training programs for more than 11,000 participants from 150 countries.

The latest training technologies are used to promote knowledge transfer and skills development. To provide hands-on opportunities, training programs often include field trips to agro-input manufacturing facilities, agricultural research institutes, handling operations, agribusiness dealerships and small and large farms.



Agro-Dealer Development

IFDC builds networks of trained agro-dealers to increase access to agro-inputs, information and modern farming techniques for millions of smallholder farmers.

Trained and certified agro-dealers with access to financing are able to provide their farmer-customers with more information as well as training and improved follow-up services. In addition, the establishment of organized agro-dealer networks reduces the distance farmers in rural areas must travel to purchase inputs.


Association Building

IFDC is committed to building agricultural linkages through the development of farmer and dealer organizations and associations.

Association building is a powerful tool to assist both agro-dealers and farmers in developing their businesses, and IFDC is committed to such success in the following areas:

  • Communication
  • Education
  • Advocacy
  • Technology Transfer
  • Development of Business Skills