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8 Ways AIMS III Increased Crop Production

The AIMS III project concluded earlier this year. Learn more about it’s successes.

#WaterIs…Food for the World

In recognition of World Water Day this Sunday, March 22, learn how IFDC is promoting sustainable water usage.

Pieces of the Innovation Puzzle: Empowering Women


The UN Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that if women farmers had the same opportunities as their male counterparts, up to 150 million fewer people would be hungry today. Find out how Agricultural innovation can help.

Pieces of the Innovation Puzzle: Nutrition


Poor nutrition causes 45% of deaths in children under five, or 3.1 million children each year. To provide enough nutritious food for a growing population, we need innovation.

Pieces of the Innovation Puzzle: Engaging Youth – Creating Opportunities On and Off the Farm


The survival of farms depends on the next generation. This new workforce can accelerate economic growth and food security.

Pieces of the Innovation Puzzle – Climate Change


In the coming years, African and South Asian farmers will experience an 8 percent yield decrease in major food crops. Farmers and development organizations must respond with new approaches and commit to collaborative action.

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