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Pieces of the Innovation Puzzle – Increasing Farmer Profits


Three out of four people who make less than $1.25/day live where farming is the livelihood. In these locations, overcoming poverty is inseparably linked to agriculture. Find out how agricultural innovation can help.

Pieces of the Innovation Puzzle – Population Growth


There will be 9.6 billion of us by 2050. While farmers are growing 17 percent more food per person than 30 years ago, farmland is decreasing. Within the next 30 years, farmers will need to grow 60 percent more food because of our growing population. The bottom line is that more people means more food. Agricultural innovation can help.

PPU: Une technologie pour les agriculteurs


Si le PPU était largement adopté, on pourrait réduire significativement la contribution de l’agriculture aux émissions à effet de serre tout en augmentant sensiblement les revenus agricoles.

UDP: A Smart Technology for Farmers


UDP, if widely adopted, could significantly reduce agriculture’s contribution to GHG emissions while substantially increasing farm incomes. View in French

Market Access


Smallholder farmers need three things to guarantee profit. Learn how IFDC is helping to bring these farmers success.

Commercializing Cassava


Mariama is a cassava farmer from Niger who joined an IFDC farmer group to better her farming business.

Cassava & Beer


IFDC is working with Nigerian Breweries and Psaltry International Ltd. to improve cassava production with farmers in Nigeria. The partnership guarantees a market for the farmers and cassava starch for Nigerian Breweries, who will make a cassava-based beer from the crops these farmers grow.

Le voyage incroyable de l’engrais


Saviez-vous que la distribution de l’engrais aux agriculteurs en Afrique est un processus important qui exige un temps long et beaucoup d’argent ? Découvrez les détails du voyage de l’engrais en lisant notre bande dessinée.

The Amazing Fertilizer Journey


Did you know that getting fertilizer to farmers in Africa is a major process that involves extended periods of time and large amounts of money? Learn the details of the fertilizer journey by reading our comic strip.

View in French

Family Farmers: Fighting Against Food Waste and Hunger


Food waste and hunger go hand in hand. Farming families can have a positive impact as they play a vital role in alleviating hunger.

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