Consultation Services

Promoting Food Security, Agricultural Growth
and Environmental Protection

IFDC’s goal is to promote food security, agricultural growth and environmental protection through sound and viable fertilizer/crop production technologies, policies and institutional arrangements that collectively provide benefits to all participants along the agricultural value chain.



IFDC’s Expertise

  • Integrated research, evaluation and development of existing, new and potential fertilizer technologies for commercial introduction to farmers in developing nations.
  • Research on the risk and environmental impact assessment of new technologies and the preparation of sustainability indices and improved fertilizer use recommendations.
  • Economic assessment of new technologies, policies and institutions for crop production, natural resource management and market development.
  • Research on the design of policies and institutions that support the adoption of technologies and development of agricultural markets.
  • Development of policies and programs to address issues resulting from market failure and environmental externalities.
  • Research on tariff and non-tariff barriers to trade of inputs and outputs.
  • Research on designing market-friendly safety nets for resource-poor farmers.
  • Development and transfer of soil, nutrient and water management technologies, with a focus on improving nitrogen use efficiency, soil fertility management and use of indigenous resources such as phosphate rock.
  • Development of decision support and market information systems to support resource use efficiency and trade and market development.
  • Integrated technical support to national programs and regional economic community initiatives.
  • Human capital development through training and technical assistance to various stakeholders.