Dr. Donald L. McCune

Dr. Donald L. McCune

IFDC’s Founder and First Managing Director (1974-1990)


Dr. Donald L. McCune founded IFDC in 1974 and served as its managing director for more than 15 years. Prior to founding IFDC, McCune held leadership positions with the Rockefeller Foundation in Chile and the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) in the United States. He served as TVA’s director of international development from 1969 to 1974. McCune provided the original vision for IFDC that remains intact today: help farmers in developing nations increase their yields through efficient use of fertilizer. He helped train thousands of people from around the world in fertilizer production, marketing and use. He also introduced new technologies and fertilizer concepts, such as using indigenous phosphate mineral deposits. McCune retired in 1990, having led IFDC to the forefront of international fertilizer research and development.