Business Leaders Reflect on Challenges and Opportunities for Innovation

The COVID-19 pandemic has already created unprecedented economic upheaval in the world’s most developed economies. What can be done going forward? Resources must remain focused on the economic development essential to transform less developed countries (LDCs) into middle income countries. Agriculture is one major driver of economic development in many of these countries.

In context of these tumultuous times, the Resilient Efficient Agribusiness Chains in Uganda (REACH-Uganda) project worked with partners of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands to survey many agricultural stakeholders throughout Uganda to understand how COVID-19 has affected their agribusinesses. The findings of this survey are presented in a new webinar: “COVID-19’s Impact on Uganda’s Private Agriculture Sector: Business Leaders Reflect on Challenges and Opportunities for Innovation.” This webinar will highlight not just the challenges presented to firms from Uganda’s private sector, but it will also serve to give voice and agency to those who have found ways to innovate in this challenging business environment.

Download the Survey Report

The webinar will attempt to answer the following questions and more:

  • What are the current critical challenges faced by firms working in Uganda’s agriculture sector?
  • How have Ugandan firms led in business innovation?
  • What are the key gaps remaining that the agriculture business sector still needs help in bridging?

Date & Time

Wednesday, 27th May 2020, 14.00hrs East African Time


14:00Welcome and Introduction
14:05Presentation and Review of Survey Report
14:10Panel Discussion
14:45Audience Q&A
15:00 Conclusion/Wrap-Up

Download the Survey Report

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This webinar is being organized jointly by IFDC and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Kampala

For any questions please reach out to David Slane.