Fertilizer Technology Development

The Need for
New Fertilizers

About half of the world’s population is alive today because of increased food production fueled by mineral fertilizers. But most of the present suite of fertilizer products was developed more than 50 years ago. Over the past 35 years, no “new” more substantially efficient fertilizer product has been developed – particularly no product affordable for use on food crops by farmers in less developed countries. New and improved fertilizers are critical to help feed the world’s growing population, provide sustainable global food security and protect the environment.



Fertilizer Technology Development Group

On average, the fertilizer technology development group conducts research/testing for more than 20 private client projects per year in the IFDC laboratories, greenhouses/test fields and pilot plants. In addition, a number of product physical property tests, industry training courses, product analyses and fertilizer manufacturing facility evaluations are conducted regularly. The group also provides technical assistance to IFDC projects in the Center’s EurAsia and two Africa divisions and supports numerous specialized trainings and workshops conducted by the Office of Programs’ Training and Workshop Coordination Unit.



IFDC’s Services

Depending on specific client or donor needs, IFDC provides services on an ad hoc basis or offers holistic research and evaluations that employ the full range of services from the Center’s analytic labs, greenhouses, pilot plants, field testing operations and agronomics/economics departments.

Activities and projects include: mineral resource evaluations; development and evaluation of new products; production of experimental fertilizer products for greenhouse and field trials; analysis and identification of fertilizer products; bench-, laboratory- and pilot plant-scale processing studies; process design; enhancement of production efficiency; production cost analyses; environmental and safety assessments; pre-investment analyses; and project management.