This training is indefinitely postponed due to the current COVID-19 pandemic.


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The production of granular fertilizers involves processing of numerous raw materials, especially during the production of NPKs. Process variables and product quality are impacted by variations in climatic conditions, equipment design, plant configuration, and operator skill level.

In addition to granulation technologies, the workshop will include numerous presentations on high-performance fertilizers due to the growing demand for improved yields and the need for efficient fertilizers. It is designed to expose engineers, technical managers, chemists, and entrepreneurs to different processes, equipment operations, problems encountered during production, and various high-performance fertilizers. 

Workshop topics will include:

  • Production processes of granular fertilizers, i.e., DAP, MAP, NPK, etc.
  • Compaction/granulation.
  • Bulk blending.
  • Industry presentations by equipment manufacturers.
  • High-performance fertilizers i.e. control-release, slow-release, stabilized.
  • Visit to a granular fertilizer production facility.



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