Mitigating Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions

Mitigating Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions from Rice-based Cropping Systems through Efficient Fertilizer and Water Management

Mitigating Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions is comparing the effects of fertilizer management and their interaction with water management on crop productivity, soil fertility and environmental sustainability in rice based cropping systems in Bangladesh. The project is funded by Krishi Gobesahna Foundation (KGF). Partners include the Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI) and the Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU).

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Quantification of GHG

IFDC is providing technical support to Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) and the Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI) and is specifically focused on the quantification of greenhouse gases and research on GHG emissions mitigation.


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Project Objectives

  • Quantification of greenhouse gases (methane, nitrous oxide and nitric oxide) emissions from rice-based cropping systems under different water and fertilizer management practices.
  • Developing efficient fertilizer and water management technologies that increase crop productivity and mitigate GHG emissions.
  • Building local capacity that is essential to Bangladesh being able to contribute to
    environmentally sustainable agricultural systems.
  • Creating awareness among respective stakeholders on GHG mitigation to adapt to climate change.
  • Developing climate-smart policies related to GHG emissions reduction and environmental sustainability.