nais_newNigeria Agro-Input Support Project




is improving the availability, accessibility and utilization of high-quality agricultural inputs to smallholder farmers in Nigeria.


Providing Best Practice Methods to Farmers

The NAIS project, funded by Syngenta (2014-2015), works with farmers to help enhance their farming methods through trainings on maize and rice protocols.

Trainings include:

  • Land selection preparation
  • Seed dressing techniques
  • Planting and sowing best management practices
  • Pre- and post-emergence herbicide application
  • Basal fertilizer application (NPK)
  • Topdressing (urea)
  • Inter-row manual weed control
  • Harvest and post-harvest practices


Establishing Demonstration Plots

NAIS is establishing demonstration plots that enable
on-farm trainings for farmers. The demonstration plots allow
farmers to see the benefits of practical trainings as well as
the NAIS Package of Practices (PoP) – Syngenta’s products
in combination with Good Agricultural Practices (GAP).