Nigeria Fertilizer Voucher Program



NFVP enables Nigerian farmers to obtain quality agro-inputs in a timely manner using vouchers instead of cash. The project is funded by FMARD. Collaborators include Springfield Agro, Notore Chemical Industries and FMARD.


women farmers holding vouchers

Strengthening Agro-Dealers

The Nigeria Fertilizer Voucher Program (2009-ongoing) focuses on building up professional rural agro-dealers and enhancing Nigeria’s private sector fertilizer supply and distribution channels.

male farmers receiving vouchers

Success in Taraba State

The program was implemented in Taraba state in 2012. As a result, nearly 40,000 farmers were able to obtain two 50-kilogram bags of discounted fertilizer from the private sector. More than 30,000 farmers have been given access to the program using their mobile phones.

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