Participants’ Comments About
2014 IFDC Training Programs

Participants in all IFDC training programs and workshops are asked to evaluate the technical content and administrative arrangements. Participants are also asked to offer comments and suggestions.


International Training Program on
“Linking Farmers to Markets in Africa”
Nairobi, Kenya,
July 20-24, 2015

  • The accommodation, training facilities, and meals were very good and well selected. Well done! – Agribusiness and Finance Advisor, Mozambique
  • The case study to develop a proposal is very good and we learned a lot… – Agribusiness and Finance Advisor, Mozambique
  • Very good material. – Principal Agribusiness Officer, Uganda
  • Everything we have learned will help out farmers produce in good quantities and quality that will fetch good market. – Anonymous
  • Very grateful to IFDC for organizing this training. – Coordinator, Uganda
  • The case studies and experience presentations are good ways of building capacity. – Anonymous
  • Thank you so much for organizing this program. It’s a great learning opportunity, as well as a chance to meet with other practitioners in the field. – Anonymous
  • This is a move in the right direction. Build on lessons learned to make it better next time. – Anonymous
  • Everything was very good, organized, and moderated. Thank you!! – Project Assistant, Mozambique
  • All topics, schedules, and activities are actually up to expectation. I also take the opportunity to acknowledge IFDC Administrative staff for their constant assistance and support. Thanks a lot to them. – Technical Director, Niger
  • Topics were very useful, but we didn’t have enough time to interact. – Anonymous
  • Thank you very much! Asante Sana! – Anonymous

International Training Program and Study Tour on “Technology Advances in
Agricultural Production, Water and Nutrient Management”

August 24- September 4, 2015

  • It was a worthwhile program, and I will recommend it to others. – Managing Director, Seed Company, Nigeria
  • This is one of the best trainings/tours I have ever attended. Thanks to IFDC. – CEO, Seed Company, Nigeria
  • Well done, I really enjoyed it. Thank you so much. – Production Research Manager, Agribusiness Company, South Africa
  • Tours were very well planned. IFDC is very well connected and respected through us. Well done. –  Operations Manager, Fertilizer Company, Australia
  • Excellent program. Very beneficial and relevant. Thank you IFDC staff. – Head Commercial Services, Fertilizer Company, Nigeria
  • This program has enlightened and enhanced my knowledge more in precision agriculture and new advanced technologies in water and nutrient management, especially the talk on nanotechnology and USDA grants/support. – Lecturer/Researcher, Agricultural University, Nigeria
  • Thank you very much for your kindness and cooperation. – Researcher, Agricultural Research and Development Center, Indonesia
  • Good visits and nice people. Met many friends and made networks in particular in Arkansas… – Anonymous

International Workshop on
“Phosphate Fertilizer Production Technology”
Berlin, Germany
October 5- 9, 2015

  • Thank you very much for the training. I will definitely recommend this training to my colleagues. – Anonymous
  • Overall, the program in every aspect is a very good one. – Anonymous
  • Very good networking opportunity. – Production Engineer, Fertilizer Company, Austria
  • The hotel, the presentations, and the behavior of all the IFDC staff was great. Thanks for everything. – Production Chief, Agri Trade Company, Turkey
  • The program included a lot of very technical information that I will have to digest before I remember, but I got the essence. – Senior Industry Analyst, Banking, France

International Training Program on
“Promoting Innovative Alternatives
of Agricultural and Municipal Waste,”
November 2-6, 2015.

  • I really liked the team exercises at the farm under the shade. The best parts were discussions that were generated during and after each presentation and one-on-one conversations. – California Foundation President, USA
  • I feel extremely fortunate to be part of this training program. Consider it money well spent, and I look forward to continued communication with my fellow colleagues. – California Foundation President ,USA
  • Excellent program, well organized and executed. Facilitators did an excellent job. Field visits were most helpful. – Regional Technical Manager, Ghana
  • Thank you for promoting composting to save the soils of Africa. This is the best training I have ever attended. – Research Officer, Uganda
  • This program (IFDC) needs strong PR system to push/promote the training so that more people/ participants will attend in the future because it is very, very, very good for Africa. -Anonymous
  • Looking forward to another opportunity in similar fields. I am very grateful for this training. Hope to extend to train other farmers. – Anonymous
  • Good training and should include more people to attend. – Anonymous
  • Very important training. Very well organized. Thank you Mr. Sampson. – Waste Officer, Sierra Leone
  • The practical demonstrations were very relevant to retaining the lessons learned. – Anonymous
  • The workshop was well organized, informative, and relevant to Africa’s development. It was timely to Africa’s development agenda. – Anonymous

For all Training Program inquiries, contact:

Bridget Okumu
Training Coordinator

As a nonprofit organization, IFDC does not finance or sponsor any participant.