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Agricultural Producers in Burkina Faso Access Quality Agricultural Inputs Through Bundled Purchasing

In Burkina Faso, agricultural producers face several challenges including the lack of access to quality agricultural inputs. Even  when they have access to inputs, they do not get them on time. As a result, the utilization rate of agricultural inputs by producers remains low (12% for mineral fertilizers and 8% for improved seeds). In order to make quality agricultural inputs…

Leaving No One Behind: Building Capacities to Bolster Livelihoods

Standing in his learning field, watching the activities going on, no one would have labelled him a vulnerable farmer.   Kurman Isa is a 35-year-old farmer and a member of the Alheri Rice farmers association of Bakura Cluster in Zamfara state, Nigeria. As a father and husband, Isa is saddled with the responsibility of providing adequately for his family, despite having a speech impediment. At an early age of 17, Isa started to farm to support himself through school,…

4 Ways to Attract Youth to Agribusiness

Thompson Ogunsanmi, coordinator of the 2SCALE program in Nigeria, reflects on why it is so difficult to attract youth to agribusiness and explains how 2SCALE is dealing with this issue.

Business Connections

A 2SCALE business conference in The Hague has opened the door to new business deals between food processors, importers, equipment manufacturers, and banks. The conference, Food for Thought: Made in Africa, for Africa, was held in October 2015. It featured presentations by the CEOs of seven 2SCALE partner firms: AACE Foods and Psaltry (both from Nigeria), Promo Fruits (Benin), GUTS Agro…

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