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Fertilizer Workshop Builds Knowledge and Networking

On May 27-31, 2019, IFDC hosted an international training workshop entitled “Delivering Balanced Crop Nutrition to Small-Scale Farmers” in Accra, Ghana. Nearly 70 participants from 21 countries attended the training to enhance their understanding of issues related to the production, marketing, and effects of blended and compound fertilizers. Experts from IFDC, AGI, Cropnuts, ISRIC – World Soil Information, the African…

Agricultural Producers in Burkina Faso Access Quality Agricultural Inputs Through Bundled Purchasing

In Burkina Faso, agricultural producers face several challenges including the lack of access to quality agricultural inputs. Even  when they have access to inputs, they do not get them on time. As a result, the utilization rate of agricultural inputs by producers remains low (12% for mineral fertilizers and 8% for improved seeds). In order to make quality agricultural inputs…

An Opportunity to Learn, Network, and Improve

Every year, IFDC’s training workshops offer opportunities for agricultural professionals to hear about and discuss the latest research and findings in a variety of topics, from agricultural policy issues to best practices in fertilizer manufacturing, research, and production.  In August, IFDC held its historically most popular workshop, the USA-based study tour on advances in agricultural technology. Traveling on a two-week…

IFDC Training Participants Explore U.S. Agriculture

After almost two weeks and six states, our biggest international training program of 2016 is complete. From August 22 to September 3, IFDC hosted and coordinated the stay of more than 40 innovative farmers, agronomists, soil scientists, researchers, and extension agents as they explored various agricultural technologies and participated in training sessions across the South and Midwest United States. Titled “Advances…

Visitors on IFDC tour learn about farming technology

IFDC is currently conducting “Advances in Agricultural Production, Water and Nutrient Management,” a workshop designed for innovative farmers, agronomists, soil scientists, researchers and extensionists.

Nestlé and IFDC Partner to Support Farmers in Nigeria

Press Release: About 1,000 farmers in northern Nigeria will be trained on good agricultural practices and entrepreneurial skills thanks to a new partnership between Nestlé Nigeria and the International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC).

USAID C4CP: Empowering Women in West Africa’s Cotton Sector

Two New Infographics: USAID C4CPhelps smallholder cotton farmers in West Africa increase yields and profits.

Why You Can’t Just Teach a Person to Fish – Part 2: Project-Level Training

Our goal in training is to go beyond simply teaching a person.

Why You Can’t Just Teach a Person to Fish: Part 1 – An Introduction to IFDC Training

It never fails. I’m abandoned at a mixer party, stirring my watered-down manhattan, when the person I just met asks the #1 question of cocktail hour: “So what do you do for a living?” I’ve worked hard on my “elevator pitch” for IFDC (you development workers understand this), and I’ve come to expect a common response, “Oh, I get it…”…

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