Training FAQs

IFDC international training programs are primarily directed toward developing the skills of managers, professionals, government officials and those whose positions require knowledge of various aspects of the fertilizer industry.

Q: What types of programs are offered?

A: Our programs include but are not limited to the following:

  • Computer Simulation for Crop Growth and Management Responses
  • Agricultural Input Marketing
  • Development of Fertilizer Recommendations for Optimum Crop Production
  • International Fertilizer Marketing
  • Economic Policy Reforms
  • Compound and Blended Fertilizer Production and Handling
  • Safety in Fertilizer Production and Handling
  • Fertilizer Use Efficiency in Sustainable Agriculture
  • Impact of Fertilizer Production and Use on the Environment
  • Competitive Marketing and Distribution Systems
  • Production and Process Technology
  • Investment Analyses
  • Advances in Agricultural Production and Fertilization

Q: Does IFDC offer special programs for individuals or groups?

A: Yes. IFDC can tailor special programs for individuals or groups on topics beyond our annual program offerings. When such requests are made, IFDC offers a program schedule and its cost to be evaluated by the individual or group. IFDC also makes special arrangements for visiting scientists and graduate students on a no-cost basis.

Q: How do I contact IFDC’s Training and Workshop Coordination Unit by email?

A: Interested parties may make email inquiries by contacting

Q: Does IFDC offer scholarships or financial support to participants who attend programs?

A: No. IFDC is an international nonprofit organization. However, participants have been supported in the past through particular development projects and donors including the World Bank, USAID, GIZ, DGIS, CIDA and others.

Q: What does the program fee cover?

A: The program fee covers registration, training and reference material, coffee/tea breaks, all lunches during the training and surface transportation related to field trips. The fee does not include cost of participants’ air travel expenses from their home country to the location of the training program, lodging and meal expenses (beyond lunches as stated above), medical and/or communications expenses. Participants are responsible for these costs.

Q: How do I make payment of the program fee?

A: Payment of the program fee can be made by: (1) check or draft payable to IFDC; (2) wire transfer to IFDC account in the U.S.A. through First Metro Bank, 406 West Avalon Avenue, Muscle Shoals, Alabama, U.S.A., ABA number 062203955 for credit to IFDC account number 55281; or (3) major credit card – MasterCard, Visa or American Express.

Q: There is no SWIFT code in the IFDC bank details provided. How can I remit the program fee without the SWIFT code of your recommended bank?

A: The SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) code or number is not the only way of identifying banks involved in an international wire transfer. First Metro Bank does not use a SWIFT code. For its international identification, First Metro Bank has an ABA (American Bankers Association) routing number. It consists of nine numeric characters: 062203955. It is used internationally for wire transfer purposes.

Q: How do I pay using my credit/debit card?

A: You can pay with your credit/debit card two ways: (1) online via PayPal or (2) by contacting the training department and providing your credit card details. To pay online using your credit/debit card via PayPal, please follow the steps below:

    • Step One: Choose the training program you wish to attend.

    • Step Two: Register online for the training program that you wish to attend by clicking on the blue “REGISTER” button. I regret to inform you that if you have previously registered, you will have to go through the registration process again in order to be directed to the payment site. Do not worry; we will know that you are trying to pay online and will discard your duplicate registration form.

    • Step Three: Once you fill out the online registration form, click “Submit” to be directed to our PayPal site. If you have a PayPal account, log in. If you do not, you will be able to pay with your debit or credit card by entering your card information under the “Don’t have a PayPal account?” section.

    • Step Four: Click “Review and Continue” to process.
      PayPal will work for most countries; however, there are some countries that experience problems with PayPal. If you have any trouble paying online, please contact the training department. We will send you a credit card authorization form to fill out that will enable us to process the transaction from Headquarters.

Q: What is your PayPal email address?

A: IFDC’s PayPal email address is

Q: If I enroll and pay for a program but am unable to attend, will I receive a refund?

A: A non-refundable deposit of US $250 is included in each program fee, which is due 4 weeks before the program is scheduled. Thereafter, a late fee will apply. The program fee, less the deposit, will be refunded for cancellations made 2 weeks before the commencement of the program. Ninety percent of the paid fee will be returned and 10 percent, in addition to the deposit, will be charged to cover administrative costs for cancellations made between 2 weeks and 1 week before the commencement of the program. Cancellations made less than 1 week before the commencement of the program will receive no refund.

Q: I am unable to attend the upcoming training program. Can I still receive a copy of the presentations, papers and reference material?

A: Unfortunately, presentations and reference materials are only available to participants attending the training program.

Q: Does IFDC assist with visa applications?

A: Yes. When a visa is required to attend a program, IFDC sends a letter of support to the concerned consulate and requests the issuance of a visa.

Q: Would it be possible for IFDC to provide an invitation letter upon registration but before paying the program fee?

A: No. An invitation letter is only provided to participants upon receipt of his/her program fee.

Q: Does IFDC arrange ground transportation for airport transfers?

A: No. IFDC is only responsible for surface transportation related to field trips. If the training program takes place at a location other than the hotel, IFDC is responsible for transportation to and from the venue each day of the training program.

IFDC is NOT responsible for any transportation outside of the training program dates/hours. This includes airport transfers, sightseeing, shopping, dinner, etc.

Q: Does IFDC offer free-time activities for program participants?

A: IFDC does provide information about local attractions and events that may be of interest to participants. However, all costs of such activities are borne by participants.

Q: How can I stay informed about IFDC programs?

A: You may visit our website to view regularly updated training information. You may also send your mailing address to IFDC in order to be added to our mailing list for program announcements, or you may send your email address to receive announcements and updates.

Q: Does IFDC provide follow-up support to participants with questions after a program ends?

A: Yes. IFDC encourages participants to maintain a relationship and is pleased to provide advice or answer post-program questions.

For all Training Program inquiries, contact:

Bridget Okumu
Training Coordinator

As a nonprofit organization, IFDC does not finance or sponsor any participant.