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Training is essential to improve the capacity of developing and transitional companies to compete in world markets for goods and services and to promote meaningful employment in agriculture and agribusiness.


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About the Trainings

IFDC’s hands-on international training, workshop and study tour programs are designed for professionals in private, public, cooperative and non-governmental organizations. Each program is conducted by a multi-disciplinary team from IFDC’s experienced and qualified international staff and invited experts. The latest training technologies are used to promote knowledge transfer and skills development.

The programs cover integrated soil fertility management and fertilizer use efficiency in sustainable agriculture and the impact of fertilizer production and use on the environment. They also deal with policy reform, competitive marketing and distribution systems, production and process technology and investment analysis.


Field Trainings

IFDC offices and development projects overseas also train thousands of agro-input dealers, trade association members, progressive farmers, smallholder farmers and others in a wide range of relevant technical, business, marketing and management subjects. During 2013, the number of field training participants increased by 11 percent, from 807,449 to 898,271. The proportion of women trained in 2013 also increased from 34 percent to 43 percent, the highest female representation in the last five years.


Training of Trainers Model

IFDC utilizes the training of trainers model through different levels of cascade training. IFDC projects start with the training of master trainers, who will in turn train the extension agents or farmers’ representatives and then finally replicate the training at the grassroots level.

To ensure faithful replication of training content at each level, attention is paid to the assessment of new trainers’ performances before certifying them and to the quality of trainers’ manuals provided to them.


For all Training Program inquiries, contact:

Bridget Okumu
Training Coordinator

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