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Feeding a Hungry World chronicles the history and accomplishments of IFDC’s first 40 years. Through first-hand accounts and IFDC archives, author Thomas Hager (The Alchemy of Air) sows the story of the Center’s long-time dedication to increasing agricultural productivity. Behind-closed-doors conversations about U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger’s “fertilizer idea” and hand-written documents by IFDC’s first managing director, along with historical photos from the Center’s archives, illuminate a rich and enjoyable historical account of IFDC’s dedication to feeding a hungry world.

Excerpts from

Feeding a Hungry World


“IFDC became a go-to source for program development in Bangladesh by the U.S. government. ‘This work,’ said the U.S. Ambassador to Bangladesh, ‘is unprecedented.’”


“In the late 1990s…IFDC more than ever was committed to coordinating and working across the entire value chain, anything that touched on increasing productivity, whether it was marketing, banking, shipping, seeds, machinery, communications, or any one of a half-dozen other fields. IFDC had come a long way from fertilizers.”


“As IFDC nears its 40th anniversary, it has never been healthier…the challenges are still daunting, but over its first 40 years, IFDC has seen enormous progress.”


“The keys to a food-secure world are here. The work yet to be done is enormous. But, thanks in great part to IFDC’s ongoing efforts…there is a growing sense of hope. We can feed the world.”

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