2SCALE 10 Year

2SCALE, the largest agribusiness incubator and accelerator program in Africa, is commemorating ten years of promoting inclusive agribusiness in Africa. The celebration was launched during a two-day international event at the Trademark Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya, on June 7-8. Join the celebration!

2021 Annual Report

Our mission is as relevant as ever – to identify and scale sustainable solutions for soil and plant nutrition to achieve our vision of a food-secure and environmentally sustainable world through healthier soils and plants.

NWAF Open Door Events

Throughout 2022, IFDC offices in North and West Africa have opened their doors to highlight our organization's expertise and solutions; strengthen relationships; and build synergies to promote agriculture to benefit and improve the livelihoods of thousands of African farmers and agribusiness entrepreneurs.

International Day for Biological Diversity 2022

Soil is the foundation of agriculture, and humans rely on it for over 90% of food production. Every human should be an ambassador in protecting our planet. It is our present and future.

War Will Claim More Lives in Africa than Ukraine

With skyrocketing commodity prices and scarcity of fertilizer due to the loss of major producers, it is estimated that food production in Africa could fall by at least one-third because of reduced fertilizer imports.

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Our Solutions

IFDC believes the key to global food security starts with the soil and ends at the supermarket. We strive to develop better fertilizer and production technologies, transfer these improved technologies to smallholder farmers, and connect these farmers to efficient and profitable markets. By working with strategic partners, we build local capacity and ensure sustainable impact. 


Demonstration Plots Established


Farmers Applying Good Agricultural Practices


Public-Private Partnerships Formed

IFDC specializes in:

  • Soil and Fertilizer Research 
  • Market Systems Development 
  • Public-Private Partnerships 
  • Capacity Building and Training 
  • Environmental Stewardship 

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About Us

We are scientists, development professionals, and community members dedicated to scientific innovations that increase global food production, protect the environment, and empower smallholder farmers. Since 1974, we have worked in more than 100 countries to improve food security from right where it all starts: the soil.  

2SCALE Team Building

IFDC is comprised of a dynamic team of individuals working worldwide to help improve sustainability.