A New Strategy to Feed the World 

Fundamental improvements in soil and plant nutrition will be required to meet the challenge of sustainably feeding 10 billion people by 2050. Global population growth will drive a substantial increase in food demand, while climate change is already accelerating the risks affecting food production, especially in poorer regions. Major changes in agricultural systems – especially improvements in nutrient use efficiency and soil health – will be required to meet our shared challenge of creating a more food-secure, environmentally sustainable world.  

To face these challenges, IFDC has developed a new strategy that will guide our work for the next decade. By streamlining our legacy of expertise while also incorporating innovative thinking and expanded partnerships, IFDC remains ready to solve issues of hunger, malnutrition, poverty, and environmental sustainability.  

Achieving impact at scale requires research and technology adapted to smallholder needs but must go beyond technology development. IFDC experts and their partners work across the discovery-to-consumer system. This includes testing of advanced fertilizers and related nutrient management technologies; design of fertilizer manufacturing and quality control processes; market systems development; gender and youth empowerment; and applied policy and regulatory analysis. With an emphasis on working with strategic partners and strengthening local capacity, IFDC bridges the traditional gaps between research, technology dissemination, and market systems that often undermine efforts to innovate, achieve results, and sustain impact at scale.  

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