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Chief of party for IFDC’s Fertilizer Sector Improvement Project (FSI) in Myanmar

I am passionate about participating with farmers in their village activities, especially in informal dialogues. Sitting and chatting with a group of farmers is total enjoyment. They have an honesty and transparency we can all learn from. Working with and knowing them are the most satisfying parts of the work. It is the reason I keep working.

Grahame Hunter joined IFDC in 2009 and is currently the chief of party for IFDC’s Fertilizer Sector Improvement Project (FSI) in Myanmar. He is responsible for project planning, implementation and management of the FSI project.

Hunter’s leadership capabilities and experience in agricultural research and extension services originated from his work at AusAID. He served as the natural resources advisor for AusAID’s Pacific Regional team and was responsible for technical oversight of the organization’s agriculture, forestry, fishery and environment in the Pacific Island countries, where he led numerous projects. He was also the director of three AusAID-funded agriculture projects as well as board chair for a rice-trading company in Cambodia.

Hunter has worked with several IFDC projects in Bangladesh, including ILSAFARM, AAPI and the AAPI-Walmart Foundation Activity. He was integral to the startup and implementation of the FSI project that began in 2014 and was extended into 2015.

Hunter published several articles on the revegetation of mine waste. He has also written numerous articles and reviews centered on his project work, including a paper on urea deep placement in Bangladesh, which he presented at the 2013 IFA Crossroads Asia-Pacific Conference. He holds a master’s and bachelor’s degree in agricultural science from the University of Queensland, Australia.

Areas of Expertise: