IFDC recently signed an agreement establishing itself as the newest Ecosystem Partner for AgTech Garage. IFDC looks forward to this partnership, which seeks to support agribusinesses, startups, producers, and other agriculture stakeholders in Latin America, North America, Africa, and Asia. The agreement’s goal is to benefit farmers, entrepreneurs, and the environment.

AgTech Garage is one of the world’s leading agribusiness innovation hubs, and its work aims to feed the entrepreneurs who will feed the world. The hub currently operates in over 15 segments of the global agriculture sector – including fertilizers, farm equipment, crop protection, finance, cooperatives, and more.

With AgTech’s software specially developed to enhance the connection between startups and great agribusiness companies, IFDC is excited to begin connecting with AgTech Garage’s network of over 1000 organizations to find groundbreaking technologies in the agriculture ecosystem and improve entrepreneurship, new technologies, and innovation in the agribusiness universe. In the Ecosystem Partner role, IFDC will be able to openly collaborate with organizations from around the world to support its vision of improved soil and plant health for a more food-secure and environmentally sustainable world.

About AgTech Garage: AgTech Garage’s initiatives promote the connection between agribusinesses, startups, producers, investors, universities, and other stakeholders in agriculture’s innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem to develop technological solutions that increase the sustainability and competitiveness of Brazilian agribusiness.

About IFDC: IFDC is an independent non-profit organization that combines innovative research, market systems development, and strategic partnerships to identify and scale sustainable soil solutions for improved food security and livelihoods around the world.