The full-length version of this article is available on the BEAM Exchange; the blog was co-authored by David Hirst, former IFDC Uganda Country Representative, and Harald Bekkers, Director of Opportunities Unlimited B.V. (OU).


For many years, development professionals believed that good facilitation, including improved linkages and understanding for local producers, should be hands-off — consisting of solutions originating from market actors and short-term technical support.

Responding to market contexts is key to MSD – and achieving systemic development may depend on facilitators daring to ‘go hybrid’.

However, current market systems development efforts have revealed that good facilitation must respond to a market’s context to be effective. As the climate, conflict, and social inclusion limitations force millions of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to adopt more resilient practices and technologies, coordination between emergency responses, investments in recovery, and long-term systemic development will be required.

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