Sustain Africa has commissioned a research project to explore the key causal and correlational drivers that account for the relative differences in retail fertilizer prices at the national level and the resulting impact on staple food crop production.

IFDC, on behalf of Sustain Africa, is requesting proposals from a reputable consultancy to develop a fertilizer and food security risk index in support of Sustain Africa’s learning agenda and the Sustain Africa Fertilizer Monitor.

The index that is the subject of this RFP builds on the models developed under the research project and comprises the development of a monthly run index that will provide alerts to the Sustain Africa Fertilizer Monitor Board of countries at risk of food security based on the impact of changes in international fertilizer prices and taking into account shifts in food prices at the national level.

RFP Title: Sustain Africa Fertilizer Monitor Index

Proposal Deadline: March 29, 2024

Areas of Expertise: