Adodo Abalo is an Agricultural and Environment Economist who joined IFDC with the “Thousands plus” (1000s+) project in 2009. From that time to now, he worked as Agribusiness Cluster Advisor (2010-2014), Vegetable Specialist for West Africa (2014-2015), Action Researcher (2015–2020), M&E Specialist/Action Researcher (from 2020-2021), Deputy coordinator PrC M&E/Action research team (2021-2022), and MEAL manager (2022 to present). The IFDC programs he has worked with include with 1000s+ project, AAA-bridge, and 2SCALE (phase 1 and 2).He is part of the program management team (PMT) of 2SCALE and currently serves as PMT coach for Cote d’Ivoire and Mali.