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Claudine Murerwa, team leader of the Private Seed Sector Development (PSSD) project, has dedicated her career to food security and nutrition for smallholder farmers since 2011 with the Burundian NGO COPED. Before joining IFDC, she held various positions such as project manager, program manager, and head of the food security and nutrition department. Prior to 2011, she was a junior consultant where she carried out various assignments, including the characterization of the physical properties of Rwandan soils and environmental impacts of rainwater harvesting sites for agricultural purposes, commissioned by CUEP-UNFAO/Rwanda, and soil analysis and environmental impact assessment of hydro-agricultural rehabilitation for water sheds and swamps, commissioned by CECO/Burundi. Murerwa holds a B.Sc. in Soil Science and Environmental Management from the National University of Rwanda and an M.Sc. in Applied Economics for Agriculture from the Jomo Kenyatta University of Technology.