Dr. Syam Dodla joined IFDC as a senior scientist in 2023, bringing with him his considerable expertise in crop nutrient management and evaluations, soil health, carbon sequestration, and greenhouse gas emissions. Dr. Dodla has extensive experience in research, outreach, and teaching in various agronomy and soil science disciplines. Before joining IFDC, he worked at Louisiana State University (LSU) as an associate professor where he mentored more than 20 graduate students, six post-docs and visiting scholars, and numerous undergraduate students. At LSU, his research focused on crop nutrient and water management.

Dr. Dodla’s publications and peer-reviewed research articles include research on the use of enhanced efficiency nitrogen fertilizers, soil-applied nitrogen fertilizer losses, agricultural greenhouse gas emissions, and soil health. He holds a doctorate in agronomy with an emphasis on soil science and environmental chemistry from LSU.

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