Feed the Future Nigeria
Agro-Inputs Project


The Feed the Future Nigeria Agro-Inputs Project aims to attain a private sector-led agricultural input market supporting farmers to access quality and affordable agricultural inputs. The project is funded by Feed the Future Initiative/USAID. Project partners include ECOWAS, FMARD, AGTHO, FEPSAN, Interproducts Link, Maslaha Seeds, MBS Fertilizers, NAIDA, NABG, Notore and The Stallion Group.


farmers working in field

Broadening Inclusive growth in Nigeria

Feed the Future Nigeria Agro-Inputs Project funded by Feed the Future/USAID (2014-2017), contributes to the United States Feed the Future objective of broadened and inclusive growth. Key focus areas include:

  • Increasing Agricultural Productivity
  • (Improving legal and regulatory framework on fertilizer
  • Improving access to finance.

The project partners with private, public sector and development partners in the maize, sorghum, rice, and cassava value chains in the following intervention states; Federal Capital Territory, Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano, Kogi, Niger, Oyo and Sokoto.

farmers working in field

Increasing Agricultural Productivity

The Feed the Future Nigeria Agro-Inputs Project is training 4,000 farmers to use improved seeds environmentally friendly pesticides and crop and site-specific fertilizer. The project seeks to improve demand for quality inputs and associated technologies in the intervention areas.

In addition, 1,300 agro-dealers will be trained on improved technologies and management practices. The project will also support to extend dealer networks to rural areas accessible to women, youth and other vulnerable groups and through platforms to link trained agro-dealers to financing institutions and end markets.

financial discussion

Improving Access to Finance

The project collaborates with both public and private financial institutions to identify and design attractive financial packages for rural agro-dealers in its various states of intervention. Through trainings, rural agro-dealers will be exposed to basic knowledge and tools that will enhance their capacity to access finances such as business credits and bank loans.

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