IFDC has assisted many partners and organizations in the establishment of institutions, initiatives, associations, groups and partnerships.



Funding Opportunities

IFDC will occasionally solicit new and exciting ideas from US universities that can be used to improve efficiency, efficacy, and profitability, and reduce the environmental impact of fertilizers, both organic and inorganic. View More Details

IFDC’s Global Influence

Examples of IFDC’s influence can be found in all forms across the agricultural spectrum, from iconic events and agreements such as the Africa Fertilizer Summit and the Abuja Declaration to groundbreaking research and flourishing trade organizations where once there were none.

IFDC’s Dedication

The measurable, long-term effects on such a critical economic sector are part of IFDC’s legacy. They are made possible because of the continuing commitment of IFDC’s dedicated staff and strategic partners.

IFDC Initiatives

IFDC partners with allies such as international research institutions, governmental and non-governmental agencies and the private sector to advance, improve and promote food and nutrition security, agricultural sustainability, economic development and environmental protection in the developing world. These initiatives provide IFDC with greater opportunities for success in an effort to create positive change in such areas as agricultural research, agricultural policy development and the development of organizations to enhance the agricultural value chain.

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Global TraPs

Africa Fertilizer Summit