Kenya is located in East Africa, bordered by the Indian Ocean, with Somalia to its north and Tanzania to its south. The climate varies from tropical along the coast to arid in the country’s interior.



Kenya is the regional hub for trade and finance in East Africa, with a service sector that represents more than 60 percent of GDP. The agriculture sector, with primary exports of tea, horticultural products and coffee, represents more than 20 percent of GDP.

Of the total land area, only 9 percent is utilized for cultivated crops, while no measurable amount of the total land supports permanent crops such as fruit- and nut-bearing trees.


Kenya’s low infrastructure has damaged its position as East Africa’s largest economy.

The country’s current environmental issues include degraded water quality from the inefficient use of pesticides and fertilizers.


Beef . Coffee . Dairy Products . Fruit . Maize . Pork . Poultry . Sugarcane . Tea . Vegetables . Wheat



IFDC is working to improve livelihoods in Kenya. Our key projects in the country are 2SCALE, Strengthening the Potato Value Chain in Kenya and TTFA.


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