Rwanda is located in East Africa, with the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to its west and Tanzania to its east. The climate is temperate, with two rainy seasons: February through April and November through January.


Rwanda’s agriculture sector represents more than 42 percent of GDP, with primary exports of coffee and tea.

Although the country has a fertile ecosystem, the country is often unable to balance food production with demand and therefore relies on food imports.

Of the total land area, 46 percent is utilized for cultivated crops, while another 10 percent supports permanent crops such as fruit- and nut-bearing trees.


Although GDP has rebounded and inflation has been curbed, the majority of Rwanda’s population continues to live in poverty.

Among the country’s environmental issues are overgrazing, deforestation, soil nutrient depletion and soil erosion.


Banana . Beans. Coffee . Cotton . Potato . Sorghum . Tea



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