Uganda is located in East Africa, bordered by Kenya to its east and DRC to its west. Its southern climate is tropical, with an environment that is generally rainy with two dry seasons. Conversely, Uganda’s northeastern region is semiarid.


Uganda’s primary export is coffee, representing a substantial portion of the agriculture sector GDP.

Of the total land area, 28 percent is utilized for cultivated crops, while another 9 percent supports permanent crops such as fruit- and nut-bearing trees.


Environmental issues facing Uganda include draining of wetlands for agricultural use, deforestation, overgrazing and soil erosion.

Economically, the country has experienced sound GDP growth through agriculture due to government reforms and sound management, yet 35 percent of its people continue to live in poverty.


Beef . Cassava . Coffee . Cotton . Cut Flowers . Goat Meat . Maize . Milk. Millet . Potato . Poultry . Pulses . Tea . Tobacco



IFDC is improving markets and livelihoods in Uganda. Our key projects in the country are 2SCALE and REACH-Uganda.


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