Month: January 2011

USGS Revises World Phosphate Rock Reserve Estimates Based on IFDC Study

“Significant revisions were made to reserves data for Morocco, using information from the Moroccan producer and a report by IFDC. Reserves information for Russia was revised using official Government data…Reserves data for Algeria, Senegal, and Syria were revised based on individual company information.” See the 2011 phosphate rock reserve estimates from the U.S. Geological Survey.

In Memoriam: Dr. Tom Hargrove, International Agriculturalist and Author

Dr. Tom Hargrove, long-time agricultural communicator, passed away suddenly Jan. 23. Dr. Edwin C. Price, director of the Borlaug Institute and associate vice chancellor for international agriculture, writes that Hargrove was “the best and best-known international agricultural science writer and editor, ever.” From September 2006 until his retirement in March 2009, Hargrove was coordinator of IFDC’s information and communications unit.…

Encore Volunteer Focuses His Lens on Food Security

Over the past three months, Larry Badger has been working with IFDC’s East and Southern Africa Division based in Nairobi, Kenya, to produce videos about the organization’s work. One of the videos will address the challenges associated with transporting fertilizer to landlocked Uganda. According to Badger, “The experience here has been fantastic. I’ve learned so much about Africa and its…

What Future for Fertilizers?

Fertilizers are crucial for agriculture. However, major efforts are required to ensure they play their full role in meeting hugely increased food demands by 2050. Dr. Amit Roy, president and CEO of IFDC, addressed this topic recently at the Syngenta Foundation. Marco Ferroni, executive director of the Syngenta Foundation, serves on the Virtual Fertilizer Research Center (VFRC) board of advisors.…

GPS Training and Mapping for Ghana’s Ministry of Food and Agriculture

In collaboration with IFDC, ACDI/VOCA and ADRA, the Millennium Development Authority (MiDA) has worked with Ghana’s Ministry of Agriculture to map farm plots. Data collected included the farm location, farm size, total hectares (ha) under cultivation and crop type. Nearly 500 individuals were trained and 40,000 ha were mapped.

IFDC Announces New Projects

January 5, 2011 – MUSCLE SHOALS, Ala. – IFDC is implementing four new projects covering 11 countries in Africa and Eurasia. The initiatives are in line with IFDC’s mission to increase sustainable agricultural productivity through the development and transfer of effective and environmentally sound crop nutrient technology and agricultural marketing expertise. “Our projects are improving the lives of smallholder farmers…

Making a Difference in Global War on Hunger: Indian American Dr. Amit Roy

“Dr. Amit Roy has been fighting the global war on hunger for thirty years. His weapons are Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium, the three essential elements of the fertilizer. ‘Here in the United States, people do not understand the use of fertilizer since the cost of food is less than 10 percent of their income,’ explains Dr. Roy, IFDC President and…

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