Month: October 2011

10 Percent Cassava Content Policy Will Improve Production

Nigeria – According to Scott Wallace, IFDC country representative in Nigeria, the 10 percent cassava inclusion policy will lead to increased production of the crop. IFDC is working with the Dutch Agricultural Development and Trading Company (DADTCO) to help cassava farmers move from subsistence to commercial production. Nigeria is one of the largest cassava producers in the world.

How Selina Produces Guti Urea

Bangladesh – Selina, a female entrepreneur in Bangladesh, produces and sells “Guti” urea briquettes. Urea deep placement – a simple yet innovative technology – involves the placement of urea supergranules or briquettes into the soil shortly after the paddy is transplanted. UDP increases nitrogen use efficiency because most of the nutrient stays in the soil, close to the plant roots…

New Generation of Fertilizer to Increase Productivity

MATSAPHA, Swaziland – Thirty agro-dealers participated in the first AMITSA agro-dealer data collection training session in Swaziland. “If every farmer could use the right seed and fertilizer, plough at the right time and also have access to correct information, the rate of agricultural productivity would increase immensely while helping to ensure food security,” said Bridget Okumu, IFDC market information systems…

International Day of Rural Women

October 14, 2011 – MUSCLE SHOALS, Ala. United States – According to the United Nations’ World Food Programme, women produce between 60 and 80 percent of food in most developing countries. The International Day of Rural Women (October 15) is an annual opportunity to recognize and support the multiple roles that these women play, most notably as farmers and small…

Technology for Plant Nutrition Efficiency

Urea deep placement (UDP) technology has proven to increase yields and save nutrients in Bangladesh. IFDC efforts to research and promote UDP began in the 1980s. IFDC and research institutions are collaborating to develop/refine a fertilizer applicator and an NPK fertilizer product that can be deep placed. View the full editorial by AMM Shawkat Ali published in the Daily Independent.

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