Month: May 2015

Stakeholders in seed value chain production trained

“Stakeholders in the seed value chain production from the Northern Region have been trained on seed production, conditioning, packaging, storage, distribution and marketing to increase production of quality seed and make it available.”

2014 in Review: 35 Projects in 30 Countries

I am pleased to present the 2014 IFDC Annual Report. We commemorate the progress of the past 40 years and highlight innovations changing the future of food security. In 2014, improved tools and techniques bolstered crop and human nutrition, reduced environmental degradation and created sustainable markets. Farm families, agro-dealers and consumers alike benefited from the organization’s efforts. This report features…

Feeding Crops, Feeding the World – Part 2: Beyond the Big Three

Malnutrition (both obesity and stunting) costs the global economy $3.5 trillion per year, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). But investing in nutrition-centered fertilizer research relieves this burden, resulting in productive populations and prosperous economies. Feeding crops well is a good starting point toward this solution. Innovating disruptive technologies that include wholesome nutrients yields…

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