Later this week, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will be adopted at a special summit convened by the United Nations. On the heels of the Millennium Development Goals, the 17 SDGs will shape global development for the next 15 years.

When considering policy-shaping ideas such as the SDGs, it’s always important to “listen to the farmer,” as IFDC President and CEO Dr. Amit Roy says. “The SDGs and Me,” multimedia stories from ten farmers all over the world, ask how they want to see the Sustainable Development Goals move from ideas to action. Published by Farming First, these stories anticipate and celebrate the upcoming adoption of the SDGs.

IFDC had the honor of submitting a story from our 2SCALE project to the collection. Bernadette Sossou is a vegetable farmer from Benin who has been steadily improving the size and infrastructure of her farm. Supported by the 2SCALE project (implemented by IFDC, ICRA and BoPInc), Bernadette was linked to agricultural financing and sustainable markets, enabling her to receive a profit of 6 million CFA francs.

Read her and other farmers’ stories at “The SDGs and Me.” Join the conversation on Twitter with the hashtags #SDGsandMe and #Post2015.