Coming Together with 2SCALE: Part 2

The Toward Sustainable Clusters in Agribusiness through Learning and Entrepreneurship (2SCALE) project is an inclusive agribusiness initiative funded by the Kingdom of the Netherlands and implemented by a consortium comprising the International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC), the BoP Innovation Center (BoP Inc), and International Centre for development oriented Research in Agriculture (ICRA).

  • 2SCALE participants discuss agriculture investment at a roundtable meeting at the Rabobank Foundation headquarters in The Hague.
  • Our 2SCALE participants take a rest with BoP and IFDC employees while waiting for a meeting with AgriProFocus.
  • AgriProFocus hosts a presentation and workshop session focusing on learning between organizations and projects that drive inclusive agribusiness.
  • Peter Kirimi (left) of IFDC explains some strategy for reaching base-of-the-pyramid consumers in a breakout workshop session at AgriProFocus.
  • Members and employees from various organizations discuss how to strategically address challenges in reaching base-of-the-pyramid markets.
  • Marcel Krimp (far left) of Bejo Seeds gives a tour of the grounds and facilities to 2SCALE participants and consortium members.
  • Nina Dessouassi inspects some fennel from the Bejo gardens.
  • Addis Teshome of IFDC balances work and play by examining the size of a red cabbage grown by Bejo Seeds.
  • From left to right: Marcel Krimp, Samual Ntim, Addis Teshome, and Florence Kinoti discuss the flavors and usage of kale.
  • Justin Tiburce takes interest in some Brussels sprouts picked fresh from the Bejo gardens.
  • Florence Kinoti marvels at the size of the cabbages grown by Bejo Seeds.
  • Marcel Krimp (far left) of Bejo Seeds gives a tour of the grounds and facilities to 2SCALE participants and consortium members.
  • Nina Dessouassi (left) and Justin Tiburce (right) pose with a couple of large cabbages in the Bejo garden.
  • From left: Justin Tiburce, Fatou Diarroussoba, Gieljan Beijen, and Nina Dessouassi. Gieljan, of 2SCALE consortium partner ICRA, helps translate the day's events into French for the Francophone participants.
  • Marcel Krimp (right) discusses Bejo Seeds' research capacity with the 2SCALE participants.
  • The 2SCALE group listens to Marcel Krimp discuss seed incubation in the laboratory at Bejo Seeds.
  • Marcel Krimp explains the process for incubating seeds in the Bejo laboratories.
  • Each cone contains 50 seeds, which are examined and tested in the Bejo Seeds' laboratories.
  • Marcel Krimp demonstrates a seed counter, which is able to accurately count and analyze seeds that pass through.
  • Seeds that pass inspection are run along a conveyor belt before being packaged and shipped around the world.
  • Justin Tiburce looks on as Marcel Krimp (left) and Cees Peter van der Brink (right) of ICRA discuss seed packaging.
  • The 2SCALE participants stand among towering seed crates and listen as Marcel Krimp explains the seed storage process and facility at Bejo.
  • At The Potato Farmer in Zwanenburg, the 2SCALE participants sip tea and coffee while getting to know the farm's owner, Arwin Bos (far right).
  • Arwin Bos, owner of The Potato Farmer, describes his specialty line of potatoes that he sells to local consumers and restaurants.
  • Addis Teshome shows off the size of one of the potatoes grown on The Potato Farmer's farm.
  • Under Arwin's direction, The Potato Farmer recently changed strategy: instead of focusing on being a large company producing lots of potatoes, they would instead sell smaller, specialty varieties of potatoes to individual consumers and restaurants in a more localized area.
  • Several of the specialty potatoes grown at The Potato Farmer have vibrant colors.
  • Florence Kinoti (right) discusses differences in potato production in Kenya compared to The Netherlands.
  • The 2SCALE participants ask Arwin Bos about potato packaging and production on his small farm.
  • Arwin Bos explains distribution of his product to the local area and discusses challenges in the potato market.
  • The 2SCALE participants and consortium members pose with Arwin Bos from The Potato Farmer.




As a part of the 2SCALE 2017 Event, Incubating Inclusive Agribusiness in Africa, the speakers and honored guests of 2SCALE were able to visit several sites around The Netherlands to broaden their knowledge of the industry and participate in workshops.

The day after presentations were held, the group of agribusiness experts and farmers took a train through the Dutch countryside to visit The Hague. They sat in for a brief meeting with Rabobank — a source of funding for agriculture initiatives both in The Netherlands and abroad — toured the Binnenhof, and participated in a workshop hosted by AgriProFocus, which involved additional organizations and discussed real-life issues in African agribusiness and how to solve them.

The next day, the group toured the facilities at Bejo Seeds, a major seed producer, processor, and supplier. Bejo’s expertise in the seed industry is unmatched, and the group was able to discuss all aspects of the industry with Marcel Krimp, an international sales representative, who gave them a private tour.

After Bejo, the travelers visited De Aardappelboer — “The Potato Farmer” in English. The Potato Farmer is a small family-run potato farm owned and operated by Arwin Bos. The 2SCALE team learned about the history of this 100-year-old farm and its most recent efforts to supply specialty potatoes to local buyers and restaurants.

Finally, after several days of speaking and traveling, the 2SCALE participants returned home.

For a full recap of the 2SCALE 2017 Event, be sure to visit the Storify captured by BoP Inc.

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