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Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P), a private, not-for-profit land-grant university with a focus on education, research and development, and technology transfer, is a new institution of excellence for undergraduate and postgraduate studies in various scientific disciplines, including industrial management, mining, engineering, agriculture, solar and renewable energy, and entrepreneurship. The university is committed to fostering innovation and offering a cutting-edge world-class education based on applied research and development. In terms of its educational and research approach, UM6P has a demand-driven orientation that focuses on training and educating future generations of researchers, professors, and scientists who will not only contribute to but also lead the development of Africa.

UM6P is currently in discussions with various Ghanaian universities and research institutions in Accra, Kumasi, Tamale, and Cape Coast to build a global and collaborative partnership in fields of mutual interest, including research and infrastructure development in agriculture and related areas. The partnership also aims to enrich the respective educational and research programs and to strengthen and expand cooperation.

The FERARI program catalyzes this process, going beyond fertilizer research and the physicochemical and socioeconomic aspects. The partnership could also extend to other fields of research (crop improvement, soil health, biotechnology), training (co-development of a training program, e-learning, exchange of scientists, professors, and students), and infrastructure development (experimental farms, long-term experimental platform, and soil, water, and plant testing laboratories).

This post was adapted from a story that appeared in the FERARI 2020 Q2 Newsletter.