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At 56 years old, Rabiu Aliyu Zuntu is a seasoned farmer from the humble village of Zuntu in Kaduna State, and to him, farming is more than an occupation; it is a way of life. “Despite the many years I have worked as a farmer, I knew there was still more to do to make things better. This made me continue to strive for knowledge through associations such as the National Tomato Growers, Processors, and Marketers Association of Nigeria (NATPAN), where I serve as the Chairman of the Kaduna Chapter,” he states.

Through NATPAN’s partnership with HortiNigeria, Rabiu has worked with other farmers to supply tomatoes to Tomato Jos and recently championed a partnership with Syngenta, facilitated by HortiNigeria in 2023.

This collaboration with Syngenta proved to be a catalyst for change for NATPAN and enabled the establishment of a state-of-the-art greenhouse, along with support from specialized training to facilitate access to broader markets for farmers. The initiative went beyond enhancing agricultural practices; it laid the foundation for something truly extraordinary in Zuntu Village.

“Our village, once a quiet corner of Kaduna State, is now on the map as a hub of greenhouse farming.”

Rabiu Aliyu Zuntu

Rabiu commented on the importance of this greenhouse, saying, “Getting a greenhouse has changed things for us. It’s not just about keeping our plants safe from bugs and bad weather anymore. The greenhouse has become a symbol of new ideas and jobs, making many people inside and outside our village take notice.”

Rabiu expressed his gratitude and positive outlook by sharing, “I am immensely grateful for the doors this collaborative effort has opened for us. It has improved our farming practices and offered us a glimpse into the future of agriculture. This is not just an advancement for our farming operations; it is a stepping stone toward a brighter, more sustainable future for the entire community of Zuntu.”

HortiNigeria (2021-2025) is implemented through a consortium led by IFDC that includes East-West Seed Knowledge Transfer (EWS-KT)Wageningen University and Research (WUR), and KIT Royal Tropical Institute and is funded by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Nigeria.