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IFDC marked its global 50th anniversary and its 22 years in Benin with an Open Door event at its Cotonou office on April 18. Several special guests attended this simple but colorful ceremony. 

From the Director of Cabinet at the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Dr. Dossa Aguemon to the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Benin Joris W.P. Jurriens and the many other invited partners, all gave eloquent testimonials of their collaboration with IFDC.

“The promotion of the agriculture sector through a vision focused on healthier soils and plants for a world of food security and an ecologically sustainable world clearly shows the direction of IFDC’s interventions,” noted Adodo Abalo, IFDC’s Country director in Benin

He also expressed IFDC’s gratitude to its partners: “Our achievements are the fruit of the trust and unfailing support from our financial partners and the Government of Benin through the Ministry of Agriculture. Your support is the foundation on which our ability to generate a tangible and lasting impact is built. Together, with confidence and determination, with the Government of Benin, our mission can help shape a future where Benin’s agriculture shines, driven by innovation and solidarity.” 

Participants of the Open Door event learn about the positive impact in Benin through partnerships with IFDC.

At the official opening of the IFDC Open Door event in Benin, the Representative of the Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Dossa Aguemon, declared government support for IFDC, saying, “I would like to reassure IFDC, its technical and financial partners, and the various actors involved of the support of the Government of Benin, which will spare no effort to assist you in your noble task of sustainable agricultural development in Benin.” 

“I’m proud of IFDC’s work in Benin in collaboration with other partners.”

Joris W.P. Jurriens, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Benin

In Benin, IFDC is active in several areas: improving market access, connecting agricultural actors, training on innovative technologies, managing soil health and fertility, and developing agribusiness partnerships along agriculture value chains. 

“I’m proud of IFDC’s work in Benin in collaboration with other partners, especially in the context of the Communal Approach to the Agricultural Market in Benin Phase 3 (ACMA3) project. After the first year of implementation of Phase 3, I can reassure you that the good momentum of the ACMA project is more than maintained. We expect even greater results than in the past,” said Joris W.P. Jurriens.  

In 2023, through the ACMA3 project, IFDC directly impacted 34,000 producers in Benin. Agricultural stakeholders marketed more than 37,000 metric tons of agricultural products and generated 7 billion CFA francs (approximately U.S. $11,600) in revenue. This project has contributed to the training of nearly 600 extension agents in rural communities.  

Implemented in a consortium with CARE and KIT, ACMA3 also put a special stamp on the Open Door event by officially launching a traveling fair for its three intervention areas: the departments of Collines, Borgou, and Djougou. IFDC’s partnership-based support remains steadfast in the hope for refined solutions and a better agricultural future.